UX Reading List: Core Skills

Core UX Skills Reading List — Cover Image

About the Core Skills

I want to be clear: This list is focused on growing in Core Skills. I don’t have books in this list related to Design Leadership, Strategy, Soft Skills, or specific methods of design work; though I may touch on those in later articles. This list is all about the Core Skills aka Disciplines of UX; Visual Design, User Interface Design, Information Design, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Service Design, Writing for UX, and UX Research.

My Top Books on UX and Core Skills

Books that have had the greatest impact on my career in UX related to Disciplines

Visual Design

User Interface Design (UI)

Information Design

Interaction Design (IxD)

Information Architecture (IA)

Service Design

Writing for UX

UX Research



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Nate Schloesser

Nate Schloesser

UX Manager at Covenant Eyes, writer, speaker, and author of Building UX. I am passionate about the field of UX and enjoy teaching, coaching, and leading.